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System Furniture

i5 System Panel

System Panel

i5 uses eco-friendly material with low VOC emissions and is certified by Singapore Green Building Council. Its modular elements enable varied configurations providing solutions to a wide variety of workspace ranging from operations to executive offices. Its a versatile system with timeless appeal.

Dimensions: Customisable

Frame: Grey, Silver, white

Choice of Fabric and Wood Colours

i9 System Panel

System Panel

i9 combines function and architecture. It is a design that meets the ever-lasting demand for efficiency and flexibility in globalisation and technologies. With its main frame of 90mm thickness, it is capable of housing multi power sockets inside the panel, neatly and safely.


i9 is an eco-functional furniture line made from recycled, low VOC and environmental sustainable material. It is  green certified by Singapore Green Building Council.

N-Half Desking


Flexible and dynamic open-space configurations comprising of single pieces of furniture integrated together to create an effective working environment. With different designs of side support cabinets, exude style and simplicity to meet specific requirements.